Thursday, May 21, 2020

Will we soon loose the Chalkboards ?

The days of turning up to your darts league match or attending a darts knockout and dreading the fateful mark of the night could soon be over with the advancement in scoring technology and the introduction of the Darts Connect system.

Lets be honest we have all been there at some point during our darts journey where we have realised its out turn to mark and we have that fear moment of well i'm ok with the adding up part but its then the take away side i struggle with. There is not a darts player who has not had this moment i'm certain, no matter how good a marker you might think you are.

But with the recent surge of darts online i'm sure there are players out there who will now be saying to their leagues and pubs lets get a tablet for the wall instead of the chalk that we can use to keep scores on.

One of my local leagues banned the use of scoring machines from league matches and these were the ones that did not show you the previous scores we all know the ones i'm on about

they can be a pain for sure especially when the marker is not confident in the score he has just put in or can not keep up with the pace of the match and inputs the score on the wrong side as they did not press the enter key and then all hell at times can break loose, with old John in the back ground shouting "you cant go wrong with a piece of chalk son" and how right he is, the scores are there to be seen you can see if they have wrote down the first score of 60 and have put down 431 (i have seen this!) as the score left. The Darts Connect system and NakkaNO1 allow the users to see what scores have been inputted and the AI does the maths part for the players then by taking that score away from what they had left so there is no shouting to the marker " that's the wrong score" obviously when you take your darts out the boards if you confirm with the marker what you have scores then what they input should not have any issues.
If they input the incorrect score, because we are only human after all and like myself i have fat finger syndrome as i like to call it when i enter a score wrong or type a word wrong, we an easily on the screen tab up to the last inputted score and re enter the correct score and the AI does it for us and we are back to normal.

When i first started playing darts all them years ago my landlord at the time popped a calculator on some string next to the board, when i arrived one Tuesday night and asked why his reply was "it was hilarious watching you try work out the scores when you last played lad so felt i would help you" fair comment when we start playing and your no good at maths it can be tough, but the best way to learn the game i was told and still say to people is to do the marking as you will learn what you have left after certain scores and also work out the better ways to checkout because you are working them out on the job if you will, but with the introduction of technology to do the scoring for us i feel this will disappear and a new generation of darts players now will never know the pain of marking with chalk and getting it all over your cloths and rubbing the incorrect score out with your hand as you cant find the rag, or wiping the board down with a rag that has been left in the River Trent for the last 3 weeks with the amount of water its held.

Will leagues change there approach on technology once we come out of lockdown and back to playing in pubs and clubs i think they will, and we will see more places with a tablet mounted to the wall to be used of a old laptop cut in half and mounted to what was the chalk board. The use of nakka and DartConnect will not show leagues that's not only is it better for players but also for averages for the leagues that use averages and highest checkouts etc.

As i write this one other think that gets you thinking is would leagues look to have comps that are played using these devices online vs another pub from our the area, now that's something totally different to think about for another day. 

To sum up, have the chalking days gone, not currently but i cant see them staying around for too much longer despite how much players and leagues will try to keep players chalking. 

Till we chat again Stay Safe, enjoy your darts and as always, mind the oche folks !

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