Sunday, May 31, 2020

Darts in Furlough, a welcome return and distraction

Back in June 2019 I picked up my darts for the first time in 2 years to get back the love for the game I once had, two months in and i was enjoying playing darts again and remembering the enjoyment the game has whilst being cruel at the same time. My average was getting stronger by the day, i would practice a few nights a week for a couple of hours after i got in from work and started to look to play in local teams again. 

Then sadly come August i ruptured my achilles tendon (not darts related) so was in a cast and medical boot till October/November time not being able to throw a dart but just watch videos and read books on how i can improve my game ready for when i could.

However when i was able to play again my game had left me, i was struggling to score anything over 40 per visit, my match averages were in the low 40’s if not lower so i threw my darts away and decided it was not going to happen for me, i had lost all confidence i had in my game and was embarrassing when i would try and play in the pub or the local leagues.

Fast forward to March 2020 and the dreaded COVID19 and getting furloughed from work made me wonder what to do whilst i was at home, so sitting at home again like i did for the back end of 2019, i looked at my wall and decided as i could now walk ok after healing up, let's give darts another go.

So i purchased a new board online before everywhere sold out, dusted off the darts that i did retrieve after i chucked them, made a new set up and got practising for a few hours a day, which then turned into 3-4 hours everyday of the week, then the emergence of the online darts community meant i went from doing practice games like Bobs27, Round the Board and the JDC challenge to playing games vs players from across the globe and my love for this game was back and so was my game, my averages at the start of Lockdown were around 45-48 at best now so many weeks later its between 64-67 a great improvement. 

With not being able to go out and see family and my friend this meant i had something to occupy my mind away from the distractions of what was happening in the world, i could focus on the game, focus on where i needed to improve what areas of my game could i make better to make me better at darts.

I now have a practice schedule each week that I try to stick to and once i return to work i can amend to suit the smaller time frame i will probably have available to play. I have spoken with my darts captain and explained that when we get back to league play I want to come and apologise to my teammates and try again to play this wonderful game. The darts community at times can be a cruel and lonely place but one thing that this current period has shown me is that a sport we have passion for can bring people together and help people grow better in that sport, which is what darts has done for me during Furlough and hopefully beyond.

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