Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Online Darts is now not a joke !

So its 2008 and on a darts forum (yes forums were big at the time) called Double16 myself and a group of friends decided we would run a darts league online using webcams and darts software at the time called Dartsno1.

How was this received with mixed views, cheating was rife despite the use of webcams which were not as good a quality as they are today. The software was ok but we were limited with what it could do, and when you told folks you played darts online they laughed at you or called you sad.

Fast forward 12 years and with the current pandemic taking place in the world online darts has taken off massively, with leagues tournaments and general play taking place all over the world. Recently i was shown a Facebook group that has over 1000 players taking part in a knockout which runs for 7 days, leagues have popped up where there are monitory prizes for the winner as you are asked to pay £5 to enter. Its come a long way from our small webcam league in 2008.

Software has advanced massively since 2008 so much so now that there are more websites which can offer you the ability to play against another opponent online fro anywhere in the world without you both having to make sure you are connected to the correct port on your router, you can now not only see their board with a 1080hp quality camera you can also see them throwing the darts and chatting with them using Facebook Live or Google Hangouts, we never dreamed we would have something like that. Does the use of all this tech eliminate the cheating, sadly not but it does lower the chances of someone doing consistent 9 dart legs against you, however i played a few days back against a player with a 57avg no camera and he hit a 9 dart leg and finished with over 87+avg !
So sadly the cheats of the world are still out there and this is fine they are only cheating themsleves at the game, when they return to the pub and tell the lads of their achievements whilst off and then loose 0-3 with a 36avg they are the ones who will then look stupid.

But how do you get started with online darts what if any are the do's and dont's of playing oline.

Lets start with your setup, the board needs to be well lit where possible, advancement in dart board lighting is now at its peak with the fantastic Target Corona system and the QXMax lighting surround the boards have never looked brighter. Is conventional ceeling lighting ok yeah of course it is, but when your board is on a camera it needs to be shown clear to your opponent.

Where should my camera be?
There are 2 suggestions for this, one is that you adopt the normal to the left side view like in the PDC and BDO the camera at level with your board but so that all the board can be seen clear and accurate. The other option is that the camera is front on, but this leads to more questions about where your darts have landed in the board. We would recommend the first have your camera at an angle if possible to show the darts entering the board better.

Do i need to show myself throwing my darts?
No this is personal preference in online dart play, some people use the split screen system on streams to show the board and them throwing the darts but whats more important is seeing where the darts land and not how poorly i'm throwing them.

What site do i use to play?
Again there are more options today than there was 12 years ago, we at DartsInStoke love to advertise this site is brilliant for all your games and practice sessions but you will need a premium account to play against another player, is it worth upgrading to the premium account, 100% yes its worth it you get access to loads of sessions and you can track your stats. What if i don't want to upgrade well take a look at nakka n01, this use to be downloadable software but recently implemented the online version where you can play anyone from across the globe and now there can be over 3000 players online at anytime to play, does this show webcams no sadly not but if you arrange with a player to play you can set which chat room to be in and add a password so that only they can join you. There is also Pro-Darter which i have been told recently they have had to upgrade their servers due to the amount of new players that have joined the site to play others. One thing that ProDarter offers to you is that you can assign a google hangouts account  to your account so when you play your opponent you can see their board and chat with them also, a website really that offers all in one package, and is free to use no subscriptions required, sign up with your email and away you go.

To sum up all you really need is the above and your away to playing online darts, obv darts etiquette is still in play with online darts send your opponent a GL before you play and a GG after you have finished.

Good luck and enjoy your darts, and please Stay Home where possible and Stay Safe

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind that oche folks.

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