Sunday, May 31, 2020

Darts in Furlough, a welcome return and distraction

Back in June 2019 I picked up my darts for the first time in 2 years to get back the love for the game I once had, two months in and i was enjoying playing darts again and remembering the enjoyment the game has whilst being cruel at the same time. My average was getting stronger by the day, i would practice a few nights a week for a couple of hours after i got in from work and started to look to play in local teams again. 

Then sadly come August i ruptured my achilles tendon (not darts related) so was in a cast and medical boot till October/November time not being able to throw a dart but just watch videos and read books on how i can improve my game ready for when i could.

However when i was able to play again my game had left me, i was struggling to score anything over 40 per visit, my match averages were in the low 40’s if not lower so i threw my darts away and decided it was not going to happen for me, i had lost all confidence i had in my game and was embarrassing when i would try and play in the pub or the local leagues.

Fast forward to March 2020 and the dreaded COVID19 and getting furloughed from work made me wonder what to do whilst i was at home, so sitting at home again like i did for the back end of 2019, i looked at my wall and decided as i could now walk ok after healing up, let's give darts another go.

So i purchased a new board online before everywhere sold out, dusted off the darts that i did retrieve after i chucked them, made a new set up and got practising for a few hours a day, which then turned into 3-4 hours everyday of the week, then the emergence of the online darts community meant i went from doing practice games like Bobs27, Round the Board and the JDC challenge to playing games vs players from across the globe and my love for this game was back and so was my game, my averages at the start of Lockdown were around 45-48 at best now so many weeks later its between 64-67 a great improvement. 

With not being able to go out and see family and my friend this meant i had something to occupy my mind away from the distractions of what was happening in the world, i could focus on the game, focus on where i needed to improve what areas of my game could i make better to make me better at darts.

I now have a practice schedule each week that I try to stick to and once i return to work i can amend to suit the smaller time frame i will probably have available to play. I have spoken with my darts captain and explained that when we get back to league play I want to come and apologise to my teammates and try again to play this wonderful game. The darts community at times can be a cruel and lonely place but one thing that this current period has shown me is that a sport we have passion for can bring people together and help people grow better in that sport, which is what darts has done for me during Furlough and hopefully beyond.

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Playing Online what is best to use ?

So we are all now playing darts online until we get out of the lockdown and the pubs can reopen, when that will be no one for sure can say, but us darts players continue to make the most of our time at home and have been playing darts by the millions, playing players from all across the globe in this great sport.

So the most common questions that i see get asked across various Facebook groups and twitter feed's are what camera should i use, what site can i use, do i have to pay.
Well i'm going to talk about my own set up and experiences, now these might not be for you but i can assure you if something can be done on a small budget i will find a way.


So what camera do i use, well i use my Android phone and i use the iVCam app from the Google Play Store.

Link -

Cost, its FREE to use 

Then on my laptop device i connect the app to my laptop this now makes my phone a webcam, so step one complete.

The iVCam app is a product that is free to use but can also be upgraded if required, there is also various features it comes with where you can increase resolution and exposure etc as well as flit the camera angles.

All in all this is the best webcam app i have come across to use with mobile devices and if you cant afford a go-pro or another type of camera this is the best next option for you.

Camera Mounting

How do i mount my camera well i brought a very cheap phone holder off eBay

It cost me about £3 with shipping and does the job as i have it connected to my table which is under by dart board and my phone is sturdy enough on it to show my board, now one tip is to make sure the camera position does not block your view of the board as you throw, but to make sure that the camera shows enough of the board to start with.

Scoring Software

There are plenty to use that is for sure, some have been around for years and some ave only just come onto the market since we hot the lockdown. If you have been a regular reader of my blogs you will know we played darts online many years back before it become popular we use to use a piece of software called DartNo1 and you had to download it and then make sure a certain port on your router was open to connect to your opponent but now its so easy to connect to your opponents.

The best i have used to play vs another player LIVE online is, -

LiDarts has it all, you can play using webcams which are automatically brought into your game providing you have it connected, games can be arranged quickly as you can send out a public challenge, you can build up a friends list of teammates and players you can trust and enjoy playing games with. You can play 101-1001 and standard start or double in. You can also play Cricket the North American version of the game but this is still very much a work in progress part of the site, with the 01 side been the more played games on here.

The stats after a game are good and what you would expect and i know the devs behind the scenes are looking at ways to improve the way these can be better presented but currently it shows all you need it to.

The interaction with your opponent over a webcam is brilliant you can have their board on main show or half and half with your own its up to you and your preference.

Nakka is a go to for most players now but a few things that nakka lets its self down on i feel is that you wait a long time for a game to connect, the latest updates allowing webcams is a massive improvement for nakka but after months of playing both i now find myself drawn more to lidarts for a online game.

Now lets not forget there are other sites as well, lidarts is just my personal preference, you can also use

Dart Counter
Webcam Darts Association
Pro Darter

plus more links which can be found at

But as far as the software for you to use its totally your preference what you go with but there are plenty of free sites to use.


Something i have talked about before in regards to when you play in the pub or at a competition and the same goes for when online.
Something i have noticed when playing players from Europe who's English is not the best the common phrase to use is "Good Darts" use this before the match, and i have had it said at the end of the match as well.
Try to remember that if you are having a chat with them after a match and they dont speak much English then it will be lost on them.

During your online match try and keep the amount of chit chat to a minimum and also any distractions to a minimum, i have played players recently where they have had someone else in the room with them and been chatting to them which as a player playing them with headphones in can be distracting also loud music is another, when we are in the pub their are distractions for sure but now online think about your opponent before you have some heavy dance music on in the background we just want to play darts.

When you have thrown before you enter your score announce the score its just decent to do so, also if your opponent asks to see the darts before you take them out, move your camera closer to show them, but providing you have set the camera up close and correct to the board you should not need to.

Apart from this its just the same as you would if you were playing vs someone be polite and respectful towards your opponent.

So to sum up you can get started playing darts online very quickly and at very little cost, yes this way of playing will require 2 devices which can not be easy for most to get but if you can pick up a old tablet as long as the camera works you can use that it does not have to be an up to date tablet or new as long as it connects to the internet and PlayStore you will be ok.

As i have stated the above is just my set up and it works for me for you it might be different but its what we can make work during this time. 

Till we chat again stay safe and enjoy your darts and as always mind the oche folks !

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Will we soon loose the Chalkboards ?

The days of turning up to your darts league match or attending a darts knockout and dreading the fateful mark of the night could soon be over with the advancement in scoring technology and the introduction of the Darts Connect system.

Lets be honest we have all been there at some point during our darts journey where we have realised its out turn to mark and we have that fear moment of well i'm ok with the adding up part but its then the take away side i struggle with. There is not a darts player who has not had this moment i'm certain, no matter how good a marker you might think you are.

But with the recent surge of darts online i'm sure there are players out there who will now be saying to their leagues and pubs lets get a tablet for the wall instead of the chalk that we can use to keep scores on.

One of my local leagues banned the use of scoring machines from league matches and these were the ones that did not show you the previous scores we all know the ones i'm on about

they can be a pain for sure especially when the marker is not confident in the score he has just put in or can not keep up with the pace of the match and inputs the score on the wrong side as they did not press the enter key and then all hell at times can break loose, with old John in the back ground shouting "you cant go wrong with a piece of chalk son" and how right he is, the scores are there to be seen you can see if they have wrote down the first score of 60 and have put down 431 (i have seen this!) as the score left. The Darts Connect system and NakkaNO1 allow the users to see what scores have been inputted and the AI does the maths part for the players then by taking that score away from what they had left so there is no shouting to the marker " that's the wrong score" obviously when you take your darts out the boards if you confirm with the marker what you have scores then what they input should not have any issues.
If they input the incorrect score, because we are only human after all and like myself i have fat finger syndrome as i like to call it when i enter a score wrong or type a word wrong, we an easily on the screen tab up to the last inputted score and re enter the correct score and the AI does it for us and we are back to normal.

When i first started playing darts all them years ago my landlord at the time popped a calculator on some string next to the board, when i arrived one Tuesday night and asked why his reply was "it was hilarious watching you try work out the scores when you last played lad so felt i would help you" fair comment when we start playing and your no good at maths it can be tough, but the best way to learn the game i was told and still say to people is to do the marking as you will learn what you have left after certain scores and also work out the better ways to checkout because you are working them out on the job if you will, but with the introduction of technology to do the scoring for us i feel this will disappear and a new generation of darts players now will never know the pain of marking with chalk and getting it all over your cloths and rubbing the incorrect score out with your hand as you cant find the rag, or wiping the board down with a rag that has been left in the River Trent for the last 3 weeks with the amount of water its held.

Will leagues change there approach on technology once we come out of lockdown and back to playing in pubs and clubs i think they will, and we will see more places with a tablet mounted to the wall to be used of a old laptop cut in half and mounted to what was the chalk board. The use of nakka and DartConnect will not show leagues that's not only is it better for players but also for averages for the leagues that use averages and highest checkouts etc.

As i write this one other think that gets you thinking is would leagues look to have comps that are played using these devices online vs another pub from our the area, now that's something totally different to think about for another day. 

To sum up, have the chalking days gone, not currently but i cant see them staying around for too much longer despite how much players and leagues will try to keep players chalking. 

Till we chat again Stay Safe, enjoy your darts and as always, mind the oche folks !

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Can Online darts hold its Place.

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We posted a blog many months ago about how we used to play online darts and how playing darts online was seen to a few as a joke and that it opened the world of darts to cheats etc

Now all i can see across my social media feeds is people advertising darts knockouts for online play and the most i have seen so far has been £15 to enter a event with it been a money in money out event. If someone had asked you in January to play darts online and pay £15 for the privilege i'm sure you would have told someone where to go. However with the current climate online darts has become the only way to play the game we love but are you willing to pay £15 to play from the comfort of your home. Personally for me its a no, i don't mind chipping in to a £3 KO for charity but i cant see the value to paying the higher price to play online when there is so much that can go wrong.

We have run 5 knockouts so far online and they have all been received very well by players in our area and a little further afield with on average 24 players playing in each one, when we put these out to the players i had many messages sent to me asking how i was going to admin the event and police the event, and my reply was simple.

Don't Cheat and i wont have to do anything !

We have all probably said the phrase over the last few weeks when talking about online darts 

"You are only cheating yourself"

This is the most true comment ever but there are them players/people out there not just online but as i have seen in pubs and clubs that have also cheated took a S1 out and said it was in the 20, with online darts and depending how their camera sits and quality this opens this up to more possible cheats claiming the big scores.
I start games slow at times and my scores for my first 12 can be 41, 59, 45, 60 and then i can find my game and hit 121, 140, 137 etc and this gets me wondering is my opponent sitting their thinking hes gone from hitting 41's to 137's what ever pal!
Yeah i can see how it looks and even with my board shown on my phone camera it does play on my mind, personally i don't look at my opponents board, if they are putting in scores of 25,37,140,157,180,26 that is up to them but on the flip they could have also been the same as me slow to get into games but with a money paid event are you willing to accept that your opponent was slow to get going despite the fact you don't know if they are throwing from 5ft off a bar stool with a pint in hand.

All in all online darts has grown massively over the last 8 weeks with the sales of webcams up and also extendable phone holders on amazon been brought up and of course its not just for using with darts but i'm sure a good portion of these are been used to play darts with.

This all been said if we are told come August that the pubs are going to reopen and we get back to some form of normality and our local darts leagues start up again what happens to online darts will people still play online now that they have found it, i think the answer is going to be yes, most will now see that they can play a game of darts at home with a beer same as in a pub and doing it this way some coin will stay it the pocket more. Of course we all want to play in live events and leagues and this will never change but if you play Tuesday and Friday nights you could now play in a online league Wednesday or Thursday to stop the partner from moaning about going out for another night of the week, yes i do speak from experience here.

So what will be the process moving forward be, the use of Facebook now over websites and forums is massive and growing more and more, dont forget that DartsInStoke use to be a internet forum before we closed it due to lack of use and moved to a website and social media. What is needed is a central hub on Facebook for all online events of darts instead of the 27 groups and pages you have to follow and then miss out on posts on these pages because your friend has posted a picture of his dinner on your timeline.
We at DartsInStoke will always try and bring all local and just outside our area events if they be online or live but i can see a shift soon to groups advertising just online events more than the physical events even in 18 months time.

To sum up as we do, online darts has given us players a chance to carry on playing, for me to fall back in love with my game and to meet and chat with new  players from aroudn the globe.

Good luck and enjoy your darts online, and please Stay Home where possible and Stay Safe

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind that oche folks.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Online Darts is now not a joke !

So its 2008 and on a darts forum (yes forums were big at the time) called Double16 myself and a group of friends decided we would run a darts league online using webcams and darts software at the time called Dartsno1.

How was this received with mixed views, cheating was rife despite the use of webcams which were not as good a quality as they are today. The software was ok but we were limited with what it could do, and when you told folks you played darts online they laughed at you or called you sad.

Fast forward 12 years and with the current pandemic taking place in the world online darts has taken off massively, with leagues tournaments and general play taking place all over the world. Recently i was shown a Facebook group that has over 1000 players taking part in a knockout which runs for 7 days, leagues have popped up where there are monitory prizes for the winner as you are asked to pay £5 to enter. Its come a long way from our small webcam league in 2008.

Software has advanced massively since 2008 so much so now that there are more websites which can offer you the ability to play against another opponent online fro anywhere in the world without you both having to make sure you are connected to the correct port on your router, you can now not only see their board with a 1080hp quality camera you can also see them throwing the darts and chatting with them using Facebook Live or Google Hangouts, we never dreamed we would have something like that. Does the use of all this tech eliminate the cheating, sadly not but it does lower the chances of someone doing consistent 9 dart legs against you, however i played a few days back against a player with a 57avg no camera and he hit a 9 dart leg and finished with over 87+avg !
So sadly the cheats of the world are still out there and this is fine they are only cheating themsleves at the game, when they return to the pub and tell the lads of their achievements whilst off and then loose 0-3 with a 36avg they are the ones who will then look stupid.

But how do you get started with online darts what if any are the do's and dont's of playing oline.

Lets start with your setup, the board needs to be well lit where possible, advancement in dart board lighting is now at its peak with the fantastic Target Corona system and the QXMax lighting surround the boards have never looked brighter. Is conventional ceeling lighting ok yeah of course it is, but when your board is on a camera it needs to be shown clear to your opponent.

Where should my camera be?
There are 2 suggestions for this, one is that you adopt the normal to the left side view like in the PDC and BDO the camera at level with your board but so that all the board can be seen clear and accurate. The other option is that the camera is front on, but this leads to more questions about where your darts have landed in the board. We would recommend the first have your camera at an angle if possible to show the darts entering the board better.

Do i need to show myself throwing my darts?
No this is personal preference in online dart play, some people use the split screen system on streams to show the board and them throwing the darts but whats more important is seeing where the darts land and not how poorly i'm throwing them.

What site do i use to play?
Again there are more options today than there was 12 years ago, we at DartsInStoke love to advertise this site is brilliant for all your games and practice sessions but you will need a premium account to play against another player, is it worth upgrading to the premium account, 100% yes its worth it you get access to loads of sessions and you can track your stats. What if i don't want to upgrade well take a look at nakka n01, this use to be downloadable software but recently implemented the online version where you can play anyone from across the globe and now there can be over 3000 players online at anytime to play, does this show webcams no sadly not but if you arrange with a player to play you can set which chat room to be in and add a password so that only they can join you. There is also Pro-Darter which i have been told recently they have had to upgrade their servers due to the amount of new players that have joined the site to play others. One thing that ProDarter offers to you is that you can assign a google hangouts account  to your account so when you play your opponent you can see their board and chat with them also, a website really that offers all in one package, and is free to use no subscriptions required, sign up with your email and away you go.

To sum up all you really need is the above and your away to playing online darts, obv darts etiquette is still in play with online darts send your opponent a GL before you play and a GG after you have finished.

Good luck and enjoy your darts, and please Stay Home where possible and Stay Safe

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind that oche folks.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Darts etiquette, is it dead ?

Those folk who have come across my previous blogs know i have touched on this a little in previous blogs, but i felt it was now worth me doing a whole blog on darts etiquette, which for the purpose of this blog and save me keep typing it out im going abbreviate to etq as i dont want to keep writing the whole word out to be honest.

So what is darts etq, is their a set guideline, well the honest answer i guess is no, there is not a set guideline but a unwritten code that i would hope all darts players would adhere to, however coming back to the game after a long stay away i'm wondering if it is still about.

Below are a few darts etq i feel make the game better if we all stuck to them.

Each game begins and ends with a handshake

We have a few variants to this as a fist pump or as our friends across the pond say knuckles, i think is also acceptable, and shaking hands at the end even if you have lost is also a given, however we have seen the pro players not do this also on stage. Its frustrating when you might have thrown 14 bloody match darts and not hit that double (i might also be speaking from experience here) but no matter how annoyed you are shake the opponents hand, this is not a fist pump or tap on shoulder moment they have beaten you fair and square a hand shake is the least you can do, lets be honest if we were jousting and they had beat you, well you would be dead and not able to shake hands so be thankful its not jousting.

Respect and always thank the marker after the game

No one apart from the PDC & BDO officiating team i guess, loves to mark a game of darts. In the pub some players will shy away from the marking duties as they cant add up or take away, but do it fine when they are playing, but without the person at the board your not getting very far in your match lets be fair so at the end of the game thank them, win or loose, go over and say thannk you for marking the game. I hate it when i call a game and go 

"Thats game in 2 darts"

Turn around and not one of the players i have just marked for have come towards me to say thank you, and it happens all the bloody time. I have played a game where i have been the away team my opponent has won i have shaken his hand and then walked over to the marker to shake their hand and they have gone

"whats that for"

Well its for been kind and marking the game of darts for us its the least you can do.

Try not to remove your darts until the marker has confirmed your score

This is a courtesy to the marker but also to help you, if you hit a 17 walk up to the board, confirm with the marker/ref that it is just a 17 and then rip them out the board like you wnat to chuck them in the bin, if you hit a S20,T20,T7 but the treble 20 is on the wIre and you remove them to quick the marker might have thought it was just another 20 as they might be thinking what the score is with the last dart. Help them out leave them in and conform the score with them.

Keep quiet and respectful whilst waiting to throw

So we all stand behind the player who is throwing and the last think they want to hear behind them is you f'ing and jeffing about your last throw, yes your darts were terrible, yes you can throw better but keep them thoughts to yourself in your head the player throwing does not want to here them nor does the whole pub or venue you are in, so stay quiet whilst waiting to come back to the oche.

When marking a few do's and dont's

Now yes we need to respect the markers, i have all ready touched on this element, but as a marker there are a few things you need to do as darts etq from your part
1 - When a dart hits the board dont lean in to see what its hit, any darts you are unsure about wait until they have thrown all three darts
2- Dont stand in the way too much, make sure that the players can see where you are marking, dont bloke the board
3 - Dont twirl the pen or rubber in your hand as they are throwing or take a drink of your pint (had that done before)
4 - If they ask you what is left, tell them what they have scored and what you believe it too leave so if they have 103 and hit T19 and ask you say " 57 scored leaves you 46" i had one guy marking once who would have said "thats 57 mate so you need a 6 for double top"
5 - Just be honest with them, if you are struggling to mark or add the score or take it away, say so early on or ask another to mark for you, you wont be thought of any less this way, and trust me the players will prefer you to do this so they can get a smoother game.

Putting your name down for a mark

If you are in a pub in general the rile of thumb (love that phrase) is, if you put your initials up on the board you are requesting to mark a game and then play the winner of the game you mark. Similar in pool when there is a match on you might pop 50p or a pound on the table to play the winner, in darts its the same. When i started playing i would walk in the pub sunday dinner and there use to be 7 initials up before me, so i had to wait but if you walk in a pub and 2 players are playing ask them if you can put your name down to mark and play. 
Now this can also go one of two ways and i have had this happen, if the players are decent players they will say no problems carry on their game and then shout you to mark when that leg is done and you will enter into mark a game with the idea of you play the winner.
However more and more now when you approach two players and say can i pop my name down to mark and play you will no doubt be greeted by

"were just playing between ourselves sorry"

Well not exactly, yes their is no written rule but in darts etq you are allowed to put ya name down to mark, they dont own the board if i a pub its just the same as a pool table but ya money down to play. When i was in Bridlington last year i entered one of my fav darting pubs and two blokes were on the board and i went over and said pop me name up for a mark and play please chaps and was told they were in a best of 21 series and were ok. I continued to write my name down on the blackboard and stared at them with contempt i guess you might say. I then went and got my drink from the bar and waited for them, they continued to play and mark their own games, and didnt like it when i corrected them. They then packed up and left, the landlord of this pub come over and said to me that i should have just started marking  and then played, which yes i guess now i wish i had but what was the harm in me marking a game, for them to be honest i would have been happy to mark more than one but it was not to be.

So if you are playing your mate on the board and a player comes along to play and pop their name down remember, its not your board its good darts etq to let them mark and play.

These are just a few i have bug bears about off top my head there are of course many more, including if you are just watching in a pub and the first dart the player throws hits a T20 dont then shout out good darts let them hit all 3 in the board first, but all in all lets just be respectful of the game and the players.

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind that oche folks.

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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Practice is not making perfect..

So they saying goes "practice makes perfect" but im starting to debate if this is true or not.

Recently my game has not been going up but down, in fact my game and darts average is going down quicker than my mortgage this month. I'm putting the time in on the practice board and i have not changed my darts or routine, however when i have come to play i cant recall now the last time i won a game and the last time i hit a double on my first attempt.

So lets chat about my practice routines, when i go to the board weather it be at home or in the pub i go via the same routine

100 Darts at 20
5 games of High-score
100 Darts at 20
2 games of Bobs 27
JDC Routine

and then i play a few legs of 501 and the odd leg of 1001

This is my normal practice routine, someways i will mix things up and add something different in using the GoDartsPro website perhaps play a game of A1 or doubles lock, just to keep it all fresh, so currently i'm getting good amount of time in at the practice board. Generally im throwing for about 70-80 minutes with the odd break for a drink and a snack, but im not seeing any results on the match board. At the moment im only playing in one league in the week so im putting the lack of competitive darts down to the poor play from me, but still i should be doing better in them games i feel with all the practice time i put in i should at least be seeing a double go in or a W in my column but no its just not clicking for me.

Take my last league match i played i hit the bull when i wanted to hit the 25 to leave me tops, so i was left with 15 a score of 15 not a fantastic leave i agree with you, but i was also coming back to the board to take it out i had 3 darts in hand to take a leg, something i cant recall last time i had chance to do this. I followed my normal outshout i would go as posted on the dartsinstoke checkout page ( ) yes single 3 for double 6. 

I already know i will get a rift of comments from players saying no Shaun 5 for double 5 or single 8 for double 4 as that is also a progression you would be use to, but single 3 is a nice dart low and then you can reset and go for the D6 if you hit single 6 you have already got a marker down in the 3, at least thats my thinking.
I come up to throw and THUD a single 17, great my opponent wants 52 they will take this out i'm thinking but he does not and i get a second chance at the checkout first dart this time hits the single 3 and i compose for the double 6 and....... miss with both my darts in hand, my opponent comes up and had left tops and takes it out, and another defeat for me and another darts night where i have not taken a leg.

I shake hands with him, and the marker, alwasy be nice and thank the marker folks, and i walk over to where i was standing, tip my head to my teammates who i know are all saying why did he go that way for 15 and get my darts walk to the spare practice board in the venue and i throw for single 3, hit, throw for double 6 and guess what hit first time of asking.

WHY !!!

This is the frustration with the game, i know i can hit them, i know i have the ability but it just does not flow when i need it too, every player has the same feeling im certain, but what part of the mental side of the game can help me get over this and take this practice game to the actual match-board.
I see and know players who dont practice darts in the week, they turn up on their respective darts nights throw a load of alcohol down their throat and win games 2-0 with a 70+ average, where as me i put the time in to practice and try to get better but its not helping me, i wonder should i not pick them up for a week and role up to darts night and just throw i cant be any worse than i currently am doing but that is not me, i dont have that switch i can do this, if i have not played for 3 days i get worries i will forget my throwing action and also i can see a difference in my throw when i dont throw for 2 days.

I begin to now question where my darts path is going, and what i need to change to get back to playing well and winning legs, because my fear currently as i write this, is that I'm going to fall out of love with the game again that i have just got the love back for, however i will no doubt sit and watch the BDO darts today and comment to MrsR at some point

"I will be there one day my love, i think i could give him a run for his money today"

True comment or me just been a fantasist !

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind that oche folks.

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