Monday, December 16, 2019

Where's the Point

Now you might be thinking from the title this is going to be a blog post about me moaning that my darts are not going well and im hitting the 5 n 1's too many times in a match, well its not that will be in a future blog so you have been pre warned about that. This is about the points in your darts and why i feel its good to change them regular and also to hopefully get some good comments and feedback from other dart players if they agree with me.

So i had never changed my points on my dart until this year, yes i have had the same set of darts since 2009 and whilst i have been playing over the years i have never changed my points, the darts i use are Phase5 darts from Phil Taylor and unicorn. For years all i have done is rough the points up and sharpen them on a regular basis but then i started to notice many bounce outs and also the way my darts were entering the board did not feel right anymore. Naturally i looked at my darts and said its time for a change and brought a new set of darts, with new very sharp points which also had a little extra grip to them. The way i hold my dart my index finger tends to touch the point so the grip on the points was a welcome addition to the darts as i then had another point of reference as tio where to hold the dart. 
With my new darts i started to throw well again and see a little form come back in to my game, but then after a few months had passed the same demons come back to me the darts were not sitting right and they were falling out more. I spoke to some friends in the darting community and was told change your points then they clearly are not doing the job, but they were still sharp from me constantly roughing them up they were of good size still so i didn't see the need to change them again. However after playing in the local and spending more time picking up my darts i thought yeah lets change them and see what happens. I went out and via the DartsInStoke account purchased a dart re pointing tool, now locally to us here in Stoke there is no where you can get points changed no shops locally tthat sell points, so i purchased the tool for myself and also purchased some points, and purchasing points for your darts is not like purchasing pants or boxers, there are hundreds of differnet types and designs and feels and lengths it must have been how the wife feels when she goes to buy shoes i guess.

I eventually purchase the Target Pro Play Diamond Steel tip points in 32mm link to follow ( so after they arrived i decided to change my points in the new darts, not my original phase 5 darts but my new darts which were Andy Fordham darts, i followed all the instructions and was nice quick and simple, however when i started to practice i had the same issue as what Peter Wright had a few weeks back at the Player Championships my point stayed in the board what is this, this has never happened to me before, i then began to repoint the dart and yes it happened again. So after seaking advice from the community i was informed to drop a touch of super glue onto the end of the point but i didn't want this to happen again so i now proceed to re point my Phase5 darts with these points. I dropped a little glue on the point end and inserted them into my Phase5 darts and they were a good fit. My Phase5 darts now had new points for the first time since the great one had passed them to me all them years ago.
I stepped up to the board and they felt great but these are the darts i had not been using recently and last time i had they kept bouncing out so this was on my mind but i threw them at the board and like they had never left my hand a lovely 140, these were to be my darts moving forward. The points felt great as well on my index finger and they helped to weigh the dart into how i drop them into the board.

So my mind set now is that if i start to see the darts not sitting right and bouncing out again should i just look to sharpen the points or for the cost of just around £4.50 change my points, at worst i might change them 3 or 4 times a year so the cost is not going to be massive across 12 months.

I guess its all down to you as a player and how you approach the game from a psychology point of view, for me now if my game is not going well i will look to change my points and see if that helps to improve my game, so if your darts are not sitting right in the board and if you are having too many bounce outs i would suggest a change of points to you before you seek any other line of advice. 

Till we chat again,  enjoy your darts and mind that oche folks.

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