Saturday, September 21, 2019

Darts night and whats in your wallet

Its the night of the week we all enjoy, yes that right its darts night, arrive at the pub/club that little early if we can for pre match practice or in some players minds that i need to be 3 drinks deep before i ever think about throwing a damn dart tonight, but up and down the country not just here in Staffordshire you will see across tables darts cases and boy do they vary in size and design but the question that has often made me wonder is what do you have in there and why ?

Ok, so let me show you my set up

All in all has everything i think i need, my darts (obv) spare flights 2 sets, i currently have 2 extra sliksticks as these dont damage whilst playing well not normally and my emery tape to scruff up my points. Small enough case so it slips into my pocket when im done or can sit on top of my pint pot to signal this is my drink not yours !

But i have seen all sorts of darts cases on the table and my recent favorite was this case
Unicorn <b>3D Wallet</b> - Dart Case - Padded Sections - 3 Zipped Compartments - <b>3D Wallet</b>

A case that i immediately thought my word that's chunky this guy means business, so me been me i went and had a chat with the chap and we got talking he had been playing darts for a few months and said i wanted to make sure i had the proper gear to play the game, i thought all you need is a set of darts and some spare parts but i then said what you throwing with, he opened the case up and to my surprise all he had inside was a set of darts (cant recall the brand now) 2 sets of flights and some stems, and they looked lost in this vast case he was carrying with him so i asked "Is that all you have in there" his reply was "Yeah but it looks good"

I have also seen players with darts cases where they have a small slim case and its bursting with 3 sets of darts and with more flights than you can get on one of them cards from behind a bar. So my wonder has been why?
When you come to darts you come with your set of darts you are going to use this is a given as said but these folks that have 2 or 3 different sets i dont get, they know the set they are going to use but why bring along another completely different set and then not use them on the darts night !
I once knew a chap who carried a second set in his case nothing special just a basic set that he would offer to people to use if there were no pub darts, good idea i thought.

The other week whilst watching the soft tip games from japan i spotted most of the lady players with darts cases that were clipped to there side like these below
*Shot <b>Spectrum Dart Case</b> - Premium Wallet with Inner Dart Caddie - <b>Pink with White</b>

Bulls <b>The Pak Series</b> Darts Case - Large Series - <b>Multi Pak</b> - includes Drop in Case - Nylon - Red

I can imagine having your darts case on your hip at first can be very distracting as you set up with it moving or if you have accessories inside that are not secure them moving and possibly making a noise inside, but i also guess at a comp the main advantage of this type of set up is that is not going to be picked up by another player who has the same case and taken !

So its got me thinking what is your darts set up and why, if you use a mega wallet and carry all different darts why, whats the thought process do you allow others to try them or do you just use another set if your go to set are not working for you. How many spare flights and stems do you carry. 

What type of case do you have and why that style and type, are you another that loves to look the part when you rock up on darts night or would you just prefer to throw your darts in a plastic bag and stick them in your pocket and remind yourself all night not to sit down just in case of them piercing you.

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind the oche folks.

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