Monday, September 23, 2019

Its your turn to mark, what the toilet again !

We have all been in this situation either at darts league or a comp we wait for the most important person when it comes to our match, no not the opponent but the marker. 

Notable sometimes with there absence as they have just come off the board playing and have gone the bar or to the toilet or in some instances performed a world famous back door boogie. We have all done it i'm sure at some point in our darting careers, but we always then moan about those that do it but why to some if not most is there this fear of marking the board for a game of darts.

This past weekend i watched the BDO British Classic and Open and then to my shock i spotted on social media people moaning about MC Kerrie Crompton making some scoring errors and having to check scores. Well played to Kerrie for then tweeting out the following post

Well said, and its the same across the darts pubs of Britain and not just Stoke on Trent i'm certain, you can mark a excellent game and then when you write down an incorrect score there will be someone behind you sitting down who shouts out  "oi that score is wrong!" you are possibly in most cases already aware of this and are waiting to change it when the player who is throwing has thrown their 3 darts, you might not have a clue but why do some people feel the urge to shot out mistakes like this or in the case above take to social media to moan, my feeling is that they have never been up there and marked a game of darts for fear of getting it wrong.

I like most have heard them all i cant add up, i cant take away these are the most common ones i have been told, yet when they hit on there throw T19, T7, S3 they can tell you straight away when they have scored, the mind boggles it really does.

I started darts like most i guess, not a clue on the maths front, i'm no good at math didn't pass it at GCSE and didn't really need to use it in my day job back then. I would turn up at the pub on a Tuesday night for a chuck with my friend and we would spend hours trying to wok out the scores, i recall one night we walked into our local and we had been in all day on the Sunday playing darts and the landlord has left us a present on the side of the board on a piece of string, a calculator, when i asked him about it he laughed and said i was fed up of hearing you guys trying to work out the scores so felt i would help. In fairness it did for me at that time, it got me use to typing in 19x3=57 after a few times you would recall this and not need the calculator, then over time the taking away on the board got easier, everyone has there own way of doing it, take it away from the end column first or add up if its 95 and take the first column away, but the fact i guess is that with darts we need to at some point need to do the math and its up to us how we get to the end result, i have seen markers use there hand whilst i'm throwing to add up if it works for you carry on. 

Have i ever left a comp without marking, YES, i'm not happy with the fact i can say yes and not proud of the way i walked off, but we have all done it. Would i happily go up on a stage and mark a game of darts in front of thousands, yes i think i would like to have the opportunity to, i once marked a game for Dave Chisnall in a final of an event and no i didn't make the semi final i just volunteered to do the mark to help out, and if asked again i would step in and help and im sure i would make mistakes its part of the human DNA to make them but its how we react and embrace the mistakes that counts.

I have not attended many darts knockouts in recent months but im sure it was a un written rule that when you come off the board if you did not want to mark you left £3 or £5 on the table and then they would find you a marker, i once knew a chap who would attend a comp not enter to play but make around £30 just from marking. However from looking on forums and Facebook groups it appears more and more players are now walking away from the mark, its there turn at the bar or they are busting for a pee, do all players a favor and before the event state to the organiser you will be leaving money on the board to mark, arrange with your teammates to mark the game so the next player is not waiting for someone to step up to the mark. Do i agree with the if you cant mark you shouldn't be playing, no i dont, we all struggle with maths, heck i have seen Rachel Riley struggle with the numbers of countdown and she is like well smart, so it gets us all at times, but can we keep comments to ourselves or step up to do the big calling jobs instead of been a critic i think we all know that answer.

And if you have like i have in the past, walked away from marking a game as you didn't want to mark it, contact the organiser and say sorry and offer to be a marker at there next event, because there will be a day when you get to a board final and you might not have or might have wait for a marker and it could effect how you play, look at it that way.

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind the oche folks.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Darts night and whats in your wallet

Its the night of the week we all enjoy, yes that right its darts night, arrive at the pub/club that little early if we can for pre match practice or in some players minds that i need to be 3 drinks deep before i ever think about throwing a damn dart tonight, but up and down the country not just here in Staffordshire you will see across tables darts cases and boy do they vary in size and design but the question that has often made me wonder is what do you have in there and why ?

Ok, so let me show you my set up

All in all has everything i think i need, my darts (obv) spare flights 2 sets, i currently have 2 extra sliksticks as these dont damage whilst playing well not normally and my emery tape to scruff up my points. Small enough case so it slips into my pocket when im done or can sit on top of my pint pot to signal this is my drink not yours !

But i have seen all sorts of darts cases on the table and my recent favorite was this case
Unicorn <b>3D Wallet</b> - Dart Case - Padded Sections - 3 Zipped Compartments - <b>3D Wallet</b>

A case that i immediately thought my word that's chunky this guy means business, so me been me i went and had a chat with the chap and we got talking he had been playing darts for a few months and said i wanted to make sure i had the proper gear to play the game, i thought all you need is a set of darts and some spare parts but i then said what you throwing with, he opened the case up and to my surprise all he had inside was a set of darts (cant recall the brand now) 2 sets of flights and some stems, and they looked lost in this vast case he was carrying with him so i asked "Is that all you have in there" his reply was "Yeah but it looks good"

I have also seen players with darts cases where they have a small slim case and its bursting with 3 sets of darts and with more flights than you can get on one of them cards from behind a bar. So my wonder has been why?
When you come to darts you come with your set of darts you are going to use this is a given as said but these folks that have 2 or 3 different sets i dont get, they know the set they are going to use but why bring along another completely different set and then not use them on the darts night !
I once knew a chap who carried a second set in his case nothing special just a basic set that he would offer to people to use if there were no pub darts, good idea i thought.

The other week whilst watching the soft tip games from japan i spotted most of the lady players with darts cases that were clipped to there side like these below
*Shot <b>Spectrum Dart Case</b> - Premium Wallet with Inner Dart Caddie - <b>Pink with White</b>

Bulls <b>The Pak Series</b> Darts Case - Large Series - <b>Multi Pak</b> - includes Drop in Case - Nylon - Red

I can imagine having your darts case on your hip at first can be very distracting as you set up with it moving or if you have accessories inside that are not secure them moving and possibly making a noise inside, but i also guess at a comp the main advantage of this type of set up is that is not going to be picked up by another player who has the same case and taken !

So its got me thinking what is your darts set up and why, if you use a mega wallet and carry all different darts why, whats the thought process do you allow others to try them or do you just use another set if your go to set are not working for you. How many spare flights and stems do you carry. 

What type of case do you have and why that style and type, are you another that loves to look the part when you rock up on darts night or would you just prefer to throw your darts in a plastic bag and stick them in your pocket and remind yourself all night not to sit down just in case of them piercing you.

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind the oche folks.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Its Cricket John,,, But not how you might know it !

Its Cricket John, But not how you might know it !

Something i think that can be guaranteed is that when you walk into the pub on a match night or for a practice with friends no one says fancy playing cricket instead. Imagine sitting at home and getting a text off a fellow darts team mate and it reading fancy going play cricket at the pub, you would think they are either mad or drunk. Yet in America and Japan if your fellow darts players asked you this you would be more than comfortable in thinking that they have not gone mad as the game of cricket on the darts board is more than popular.

So why is the game of cricket not as popular in the UK, i can honestly say that i have never seen a cricket event listed in a comps section of a website like DarstNutz, yet the competitive edge of the game is just the same as playing 501.

So what is the game of cricket ?

The game of cricket played on the dart board only uses the sections 20/19/18/17/16/15 and the Bull. Each team takes turns throwing three darts at the board, after a player throws three darts they tally up any hits for that round on the scoreboard so if they hit a T20, S20 and then a S1 that player would score, that player than has unlocked 20 as they need 3 hits on that section to unlock or lock that section (more on lock in a minute) they have hit a S20 which will now give them 20 points for the scoreboard and then a S1 is nothing scored so as they player walks back they are open on 20's and are 20 points up. 
The next player then throws and hits S20, S20, T19 this player now has 2 marks against the 20 and has unlocked scoring on the 19's but has scored no points on this throw as you need to score 3 hits on a section to unlock scoring. Player 1 returns and throws T19, S18, T20 now player one has locked the 19's as both players have a hit total of 3 on the 19's this means its been locked and no more scoring can take place on 19's but player 1 has also added 60 points to his score of 20 equaling 80 points as they hit T20 and has a mark on 18's with there single hit.

So a score board will look like this after the 2 throws,

How do we score it then?

The scoreboard is set up with a 3 column layout with the dartboard numbers (15-20 and bulls eye) in the middle that need to be closed out. None of the other numbers on the board count in this game and should be considered a miss. The numbers and bulls eye are considered open until both teams have hit it three times. If one team has closed out a number or bulls eye it can be scored on until the opposing team closes it out as well.

The single rings on the board count as one hit and should be marked with a single slash (/). The double ring on the outside of the board counts as two hits (X), and the triple ring counts as three hits (O). The outer bulls eye counts as one and the inner bulls eye counts as two.

Once one team closes out a number or bulls eye, every hit gives that team points corresponding to the number on the outside of the dartboard. The outer bulls eye counts as 25 and inner bulls eye 50.

Seems complex but not really, cricket at first can be difficult to get your head around the scoring mechanics but once you have the idea of how to score and win tactics then takes a big part of the game, its ok to score the 3 hits on all sections before your opponent but if they have a score larger than you, well you wont win even if you hit all sections.

This past weekend (Sept 15th) I watched on YouTube the World 2019 Stage 4 soft tip darts comp and there was some excellent darts thrown in the 701 game and the cricket legs were also very well played with some large scores and tactics played. This got me to thinking about the game and how i enjoyed using cricket in my practice routine but never played competitive, i introduced it to my team mates on a free night we had once and they enjoyed the game but couldn't see the competitive game been enjoyable to play yet it must be otherwise why do so many players play in the USA and Japan. 

So how can we get this game played competitively over here, well we at DartsinStoke in the new year plan on holding a Cricket Darts KO and see what interest we get, and if there is enough interest perhaps hold a regular event, but will there be interest i hope so as i think there will be players who will know the game and others who might attend just to see what its all about but can the UK have a cricket darts scene, i dont think so the common game is 501 and this will be the main stay in the UK pub darts scene for many a day i'm sure.

Let us know your thoughts on cricket is there already a scene in the UK, does your local league play cricket or added the game to a normal 501 season. 

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind the oche folks.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

DartsinStoke - 2020 Darts Academy COMING SOON

DartsinStoke - Darts Academy

About the Idea of the Academy

The Academy aims to promote the sport of Darts to children and young people whom are the future of the sport. 
The Academy offers a safe place to girls and boys aged between 8 to 18 years to participate in darts activities like practice sessions and the game created by the JDC (Junior Darts Corporation) that helps us grade players on ability and helps them to gain and achieve better results against players of the same level. 

How will the Coaching Work

We will hold coaching sessions weekly at a venue that will be able to allow us to use more than a few dartboards our aim is to have 3-4 boards in use each week and the sessions will run from between 1hr30mins to 2 hours depending on number of participants we have.
The aim of the coach will be to create a session where players will do more than just thrown at the 20's in search of the magical 180, we will run practice sessions which are easy enough to do when back away from the venue, and players progress will be tracked each week, and each week the players will be challenged to play the JDC Routine.

What is the JDC Practice Routine

The JDC Challenge  consists of 3 parts
Part 1: Shanghai 10-15:3 darts at each number in turn scoring only on that number. (i.e. S10, S10, T10 = 50 Points)
If you hit shanghai (T, S, D) you score a Bonus of 100 Points
Part 2: Round the World Doubles: One dart at each double in turn. i.e. one dart at 1, one dart at 2, one dart at 3 and so on round to the bull. Scoring 50 Points per double hit and 100 points for hitting the bull
Part 3: Shanghai 15-20:3 darts at each number in turn scoring only on that number. (i.e. S15, S15, T15 = 75 Points)
If you hit shanghai (T, S, D) you score a Bonus of 100 Points
The chart below will be used by the coach and players to monitor their individual progress, which will then be posted to the JDC by the organizer at the end of the session.

So what will this cost
The question no one ever likes to talk about, cost. The Stoke Darts academy will be a non profit academy all money thats paid into the academy will be put back into the darts and the events that we run. All players first session will be FREE of charge this is a way for them to come and get a feel for what we are looking to run, after that if they wish to continue to attend there will be a on off admin fee of £5 and then a weekly subs charge of £3 this will go towards hire of a venue cost of boards and equipment etc. However all prices are subject to change as we will also be actively looking for sponsorship of the academy to help keep costs down to a minimum.
However to register with the JDC and be part of the JDC prcoess this is done separate from our academy, student will have to register an account on the JDC website and pay a £15 new membership fee to them so that you can obtain your official JDC White Shirt. 

Whats the shirt for
Each shirt colour represents the skill and ability of the player and determines whether a player receives a handicap in games and competitions. Black and red shirts usually are the shirts to aim for as they represent a higher level of skill. Winning a JDC shirt is a great achievement and players are proud to wear theirs regardless of their colour. Only players who register with the JDC will receive there shirt and progress on the JDC events.

So whats Next
Simply put the idea has begun, a small team is now in place and its time to get interest in the area stirred up for our academy. How can you help share our info we post on our Facebook page (search DartsinStoke) and other social media outlets.
If you want to register to receive more info on how we are progressing and when we are up and running you can register your interest by filling out the quick GoogleForm we have created link below, and we will contact you soon with more info.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post, we hope we have covered a few more of the basics of the academy and what we are looking to bring to the area, if you have any more questions please feel free to contact us on Facebook or email us on and we will respond as soon as we can to you.

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind the oche folks.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Welcome to DartsInStoke

Welcome to our NEW blog for Darts In Stoke

So what is darts in stoke, what are we about, well to put it simply we are looking to try and bring the whole darting community of Stoke-On-Trent together either via our Facebook page, our website, anyway that we can improve the game of darts in the local area.

My name is Shaun Rogers some might remember me as i played darts on the local scene back from 2008-2011 and at that time we run a forum called where we invited members to chat about darts, find info on up and coming events and in general help promote the game.

I stepped away from darts back in 2012 to peruse other ventures but now over the last few months i have enjoyed picking the darts up and having a game and have decided to invest my time into playing the game again to the best of my ability. Back ten years ago we had a strong darts scene, with leagues every night of the week if you wanted to play in them and we had a good strong local darts comps scene, when i returned to the game i was pleased to see that the league scene is still as strong as ever and that a chap called Carl had set up SOT Darts Events and was ruining local event for players to attend, this was always our aim to establish a way of bringing events to the players int he area, so delighted to see this is still happening.

But with the return now of the DartsinStoke name i wanted to try something different and after a few discussions we have decided to look into forming the JDC DartsinStoke Darts Academy which we will cover in another blog post coming soon.

Its hard to estimate how many players we have locally i always thought around 250 players a week play in local leagues but after chatting with players in leagues it appears its more close to the 400 mark, so can we create a darting community or a website that can help all these players improve their game and help them locate games, leagues and equipment well we hope so, but only with the darts players help can we do this.

So what can you do to help us you might ask, well a good start is visiting Facebook and Like and Share our page link is we are also on Twitter @dartsinstoke our website is still under production but can viewed by visiting and you will then be redirected to the wix hosted page, we hope to gain a sponsor on the site in the coming weeks to remove the wix address and adverts for wix, like getting that first 180 it takes time.

I hope you enjoyed this quick intro to darts in stoke and what we hope to bring you in the coming weeks and months, check our socials for more posts and info on local comps and events and more blog posts which will include comps, practice sessions and darts tips and advice.

If you wish to contact us you can email me

Till we chat again, enjoy your darts and mind the oche folks.