Tuesday, November 17, 2020

DartsInStoke chat with Sarah Milkowski


DartsInStoke Q&A with German darts player Sarah Milkowski

DIS - Sarah many thanks for taking the time to do the Q&A with us here at DartsInStoke, tell us how you got started playing darts.

SM - A very good friend of me and my hubby took us to the pub in the summer of 2016 and teached us how to throw (soft-tip).
I stayed with Soft-tip at first just for fun and then started playing competitive around September 2018 but now changed to steel-tip darts and played my first competitive steel-tip tournament in January 2019.


DIS - What is it about playing darts that most appeals to you and makes you interested to pick your darts us every practice session.

SM - I like the mental side of the game, to focus just on the target and nothing else. To be able to hit what you aim for in the distance of 2.37m (7ft 7) is an absolutely great feeling and when you see your game is improving every time you practice and there is more consistency in the throw you can't stop trying to get better, for me it's an addiction.

DIS - You right there is does get you hooked, can you remember the first set of darts you used.

SM - Yes, they were Simon Whitlock Urban Grip Rainbow Soft-tip in 18g


DIS - Can you recall your first ever match for a darts team and how did the night go

SM - Oh no can't remember, cause I started playing soft-tip in a very low league and it was mode 301 single out


DIS - Can you recall your first 180 hit

SM - Yeah it was in a league pairs match and I've started the first leg with a 180 and screamed so loud I couldn't believe it. Our opponents were so happy for me too, they made a picture for me to remember the occasion haha


DIS - You recently joined up with Bulls darts what is it about there products made you join them.

SM - BULL'S is a leading brand here in Germany and also a top international brand with great quality products. I really like the family atmosphere that the whole BULL'S team offered to me from the first second and this was the main thing to join them, but also the opportunity to improve with BULL'S to become a better player.

DIS - I believe from research your first event/tournament was the Cologne Open, how did you approach the event and what was it like.

SM - Yes the Cologne Open 2019 in January was my first tournament ever. I was super nervous cause of my Instagram "Fame" swapped over early and although I've never played tournaments before, many people have known me from social media and were looking at me and talking about me. I'm just a "pretty girl without any skills" and that was a bit frustrating. But I wasn't there to win. I was just there to have a look and see how it feels, and if I can stay calm and play with an audience around me. 


DIS - So with that done and a few other exhibitions and what have you under your belt, how did you find the recent PDC Women's series, what was the event like the atmosphere like etc

SM - From the minute I decided to go to England I couldn't sleep well cause of been so nervous. It felt so unreal, to fly to another country for playing darts and to be honest I wasn't well prepared, cause of corona I registered very late, I think a couple of days before the entries closed. 

Arriving in Barnsley, I was just speechless, meeting all these amazing women was fantastic for me. The venue was big and the atmosphere was buzzing. I was afraid of the big names at first but they were all so nice and polite. I went to England just for the experience as I never thought I would have a chance for a match or even a leg at the event, but in the end I got 2 victories, 100 pounds prize money and was the first German woman in the L32 in an official PDC Darts event and this makes me happy & so proud.


DIS - Do you think that one day we will see more and more women in the PDC world finals and perhaps a overall world champion.

SM - I'm sure but it's a long way to go still, but we have the ability to do that of course! When female players can earn the same prize money as what the male players get, we can then focus on the sport and don't worry about doing other work. 

DIS - Something i have been struggling with In my own game in recent weeks is finishing off games with the doubles, how do you approach the double are you a player that looks at it and tells yourself you can hit it or are you a player that steps up and throws with confidence at the double 

SM - I'm not that sharp on doubles unfortunately, so I always have to tell myself YOU CAN DO THAT!


DIS - With darts been 50% in the throw and probably 50% in the mind, how do your prep your mind for games and tournaments i understand you work with someone already.

SM - In my opinion it's 90% mind and 10% practice. So you have to keep your mind positive and clear so you're confident to play your best.


DIS - Do you enjoy marking a board at events or do you sometimes look to find a friend as we use to call it over here to ask them mark the board (score) for you.

SM - Haha enjoying is too much, but I do like marking. But when you have to mark means you lost the game before and you're out, so it's a bit annoying then.

DIS - How comfortable are you with your checkouts do you have your own way and try and stick that way for certain outs

SM - Like I said before I'm not that sharp on my doubles. My preferred double is 16, so I always try leave 32 where i can. 


DIS - If you have 82 with 3 darts in hand which way would you look to go 

SM - Bullseye to leave my favorite double, double 16


DIS - If you could play a Best of 11 game with any player from the history of darts who would it be and why 

SM - I would like to play Dimitri Van den Bergh again if i could get the opportunity


DIS - Can you describe your normal practice routine and how long you would normally look to practice each day

SM - I always start with warm up so 100 darts on each bigger segment 20-19-18-17. Then I play splitscore to continue with the lower segments 15-16-any doubles, 17-18-any triples, 19-20-Bull. 

Then I play maybe Cricket or 121, and if I have more time I play some 170 or 301 against the computer. I try to practice now between 2 and 3 hours, minimum 4 days a week. 


DIS - Tell us a darts player that you think will have a massive 2021 season

SM - Gerwyn Price


DIS - We like to ask a random question from time to time here at DartsInStoke when we do a Q&A so here we go. We are in the year 2029, COVID19 is a far off distant memory, who do you predict the two final players in the 2029 world darts championships are

SM - Dimitri Van den Bergh vs Beau Greaves 


We would very much like to express our thanks to Sarah for taking the time to answer our questions and we would like to wish her and all connections the very best for 2021 and we hope to see more of Sarah's name at events when we can get back to playing darts.

Sarah and us here at DartsInStoke would also like to thank all of her sponsors, please if you get chance head over and check then all out, also be sure to follow Sarah on Twitter and Instagram links are below.

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Monday, August 24, 2020

Practice Review with DartsInStoke | 10-20 on godartspro.com

For many years now i have been using godartspro.com from my practice routines and month on month Anders and his team are always looking to improve the practice sessions that they can offer to us darts players. Over our next few blogs and weeks we are going to be reviewing some of these sessions and giving you our thoughts and how we feel it can help your game.

First up we take a look at 10-20